> Vladislav Curcin | Transmedia student


Vladislav Curcin (Serbia) is a video artist with background in theatre and performance art. As a performer he collaborated in several theatre and choreography productions with Ivana Indjin (The Chamber Theatre of Music / SER), Pascale Spengler (Les Foirades / FR) and Katsura Kan (JPN). As a video artist he started with a work ‘Wish you were here’ (2004) and won first prize at Day of Europe exhibition in Novi Sad. Since 2006 he focuses on production of audiovisual theatre pieces. All his present works are directed towards audiovisual exploration of borders between digital and organic or physical processes. He was author of audiovisual performances ‘Chords’ (2007) and ’Microlandscapes’ (2008), and co-author of the audiovisual performance at OKUP Caravane 04 (2007). Currently he lives in Brussels where he prepares a new work.