Frederik De Wilde

Frederik De Wilde (lives in Brussels, Belgium) studied fine arts (MA), audio-visual arts (MA) & followed a pre-education in architecture, studied one year of philosophy and concluded his studies with a post-graduate degree in new media, arts & design at TRANSMEDIA (Post Graduate) where he was initiated in software programming.

This scientific touch is blending in his artistic practice. For example; the project ‘Still Things,’ a multidisciplinary three-part project in the interstice between installation, performance and visual art. Cryogenic applications where used to stop or at least challenge biological processes and therefore, time itself. Together with art historian Ils Huygens he researched the process of freezing time.

Frederik is regularly commissioned for making video-clips, trailers, soundscapes (The Kaaitheater -NRK, Argos vzw, Radio Klara, …). Frederik is currently collaborating with the University Hasselt researching material physics & biology. In 2008 he received a research grant by the VGC to explore the relationships between the arts, biotechnology and genetics. Currently he’s collaborating with LAb[au], Q-02, The University Hasselt (Belgium), Carnegie Mellon University (USA) and Rice University (USA).

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