Sofie Van Loo

Sofie Van Loo (Antwerp) is an art critic and curator of exhibitions like Gorge(l), Oppression and Relief in Art (Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp (2006-2007) with art works by Orla Barry, Peter Buggenhout, Alda Snopek, Boris Debackere, Bracha L. Ettinger, Berlinde De Bruyckere, Robert Seidel, Ana Mendieta, Francesca Woodman, Pé Vermeersch, … and the group exhibition The Aerials of Sublime Transscapes (Lokaal 01, Breda, 2008) with works by Johan De Wilde, Jakrawal Nilthamrong, Ori Gersht, Nogah Engler, Amal Kenawy, Maryam Najd and many others.

She works as editor and writer for ThRu (Theoretical Space, Lokaal 01, Antwerp-Breda) and prepares a PhD about ‘borderlinking’, ‘differentiation/differentiation’, concepts invented by the artist and theorist Bracha L. Ettinger and contemporary art (promotor: Paul Vandenbroeck, Catholic University Leuven, Faculty Sociology). As well as in Van Loo’s exhibitions as in her art theoretical essays, she researches ‘borderlinking’ shifts in the fundaments of artistic imagination in the 21st century, especially aspects of innovation and ‘attunements’ with traditions in contemporary art which can signify alternative, affective concepts to transform the still often used binary and dialectic models.

One of the concepts of Sofie Van Loo is ‘trans-spirit-ment’ which is a 21sth century answer on Enlightenment and (Post) modern imagination and thinking.