Frans Evers

Frans Evers (Amsterdam) is an artistic researcher and innovator of art education. Since 1979 he studies the perception and cognition of color, sound and different forms of synesthesia, first in psychological laboratories and later in he context of the arts.

In 1990 he founded with Dick Raaijmakers the Interfaculty Image & Sound of he Royal Conservatoire and the Royal Academy of Art. The Interfaculty offers an interdisciplinary curriculum (BA and MA) for students who want to specialize in creating new media art.

The education consists of a mix of team-teaching, individual coaching and collective research projects such as an ‘opened’ electronic recomposition of Schönberg’s music theater piece Die Glückliche Hand, multimedia environments such as Mondrian’s Promenoire and Fort >< Klank and, since 1994, the yearly Sonic Acts festival which is created as a structural collaboration with club Paradiso in Amsterdam. Since 2001 the Interfaculty collaborates with the Master of Media Technology program of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Creative and Performing Arts of Leiden University. This collaboration triggered the Interfaculty’s new direction towards the exploration of the new domain ArtScience.