Valerie Swain

Feminism and archives were the focal points for my work this year. I worked with the arts and media organisation Constant vzw in Brussels. This dossier is an accompaniment to the work that I have done. I have divided the dossier into four sections: personal texts, which make up what one might call
the ‘theory’ section; texts describing the context that I did my work in; ‘what I did (and how you can do it too)’; and ‘why I did what I did’. To begin with is a text that I wrote for the Transmedia Text Series 03, which serves here as a basic introduction to the ideas that I am working with in my practice.

A Conversation about Archives with a Robot……between:
Valerie- 28 years old, human, female, white, Canadian, working class background, university educated, postgraduate student, living in Belgium, native language English (speaks a little French). anna-a few weeks old, robot, feminine, lives online in the Xxero moo, native language English (in
programming dialect), created by Valerie.  You see Valerie and anna in the archiving workshop. anna is busy installing memory upgrades.
Valerie is going over the archives. Valerie is carrying interview.jpg. Valerie: I found this picture on Constant’s website. It is from the archives of Digitales 2004.
Valerie hands interview.jpg to anna
anna: I do not recognize ‘interview.jpg’.
Valerie: You know what Constant is, obviously…
anna: Constant vzw is a non-profit association active in Brussels in the fields of feminism, copywrite
alternatives, and working through networks. They develop projects using diverse media such as radio,
electronic music, video, internet and databases. Their interests bridge the areas of culture and the
workplace. Constant strives to bring people together around these fields and interests and encourages
and maintains an openness to public involvement on all levels.
Valerie: And Digitales…
anna: Digitales days are several meeting days which are organised annually, where people come together to