Thijs Snauwaert

Next to this, it was also for me quite important to give an introduction to the history and background of online social structures. This opened it up and made it easier for me to put everything in perspective. It gave me a more clear insight in how structures function and develop. I like things to grow and develop on their selves. I like to make and re-think decisions and choices, it is mainly a process of filtering.

A city is also a self-growing process of making choices. The process of making choices is influenced by various needs such as politics, culture and the public affairs… These needs are balanced and therefore determined by the citizens who live in the structure of a city. As a citizen myself it is interesting to reflect on such structures and systems. In my Transmedia-dossier of last year (2003-2004) I focused on that aspect. Now I want to broaden up the concept of a city. I want to relate the concept of a city to online applications and structures. Especially how social structures re-find their place into a virtual space.

You will see that I use examples, however it was not my intention to make a fact book or an enumeration, but rather a subjective selection of website and online interfaces that refer to my Transmedia-project. I did not choose to go really deep into the field of art, but I rather made the conscious choice to search in various fields, even commercial ones.