Nathalie Hunter

Play, interact, now. i once saw this chinese girl in madrid she was wearing a t-shirt that said
play hard or go home i loved it recently i read If you must play, decide on three things at the start: the rules of the
game, the stakes, and the quitting time. – Anonymous chinese proverb I want to play intensely and adventurously,
There’s no place to start, No determined path to follow Yet everything should lead to more openness.Juxtapose and superpose drawings, words, phrases of interviewed persons, paintings, sounds, emails, , :) Start everywhere, simultaneously Lose fear, walk and swim. To take painting out of the frame, out of canvas, onto the wall, the floor, into the space, the text, the sound, your ears, and body. We’ll talk Memories and desires, Past and future Do they exist, do we keep loosing ourselves into them? Or do we choose to be aware of what is happening right now, Do you choose to be present? Time is now, The present can be a present The present is a present Your presence is a gift Present = The position of a rifl e or other weapon when presented upon you
Be present My goal is to integrate interaction in the process of conceiving, creating, making, sharing, showing and growing the work. By talking
to you, you make me richer, and this, well I want to share it too. It just happens that I found out the language I was better in is paint. So I’ll paint it with vinyl, household paint, computers, sound. Bits of our conversation will be on the wall, scattered on the fl oor, and you’ll be invited to give your opinion or make a drawing. What will happen with the work, with me, and with the viewer? By interaction I mean meeting, sharing. Having a conversation, exchanging ideas, feelings. Together.