Micha Van Amsterdam


This first year of Transmedia has meant quite a change in perspective for me. First of all, it was a challenge to explore other aspects in the field of film- and video-media and try to figure out if they fit me. Second, I started different kinds of projects, which created new insights and influences in the way I work and think.  As I come from a background of filmmaking in the more classical sense, in the beginning it was hard to adapt to other working methods and to find the right place in this structure of Transmedia. I have to admit that it took some time before I had reconfigured my thinking-process, and therefore had a rather ‘late-start’. But eventually as the transition was made, I started collecting lots of input, deepening myself in research. Suddenly I had hundreds of ideas, creating new projects virtually every day. I guess this is one of my main problems. With this high amount of ideas it is hard to shift, combine and choose these items I want to turn into a concrete work. This again took some time, yet eventually paid of in the starting up of three projects I am really eager to realise next year. It is these three projects that will be discussed in this dossier, all three waiting to be completed. I have divided the dossier into four parts; one for every project. The first chapter is about my main Transmedia project: light. The research I did for this will result in a short movie, containing two parts, a fictional and a non fictional. I spent most of my time this year in creating the world that surrounds the story and the main characters present, past and future. The results of this are discussed in this dossier. The second chapter is about something that started outside of Transmedia but what I later on integrated in my research: hiphop. It is about the start of the production company Angle Mort.  For this I made a video clip and am preparing the shoot of a documentary about ‘25 year of hiphop in Belgium’. In the third chapter I discuss the development of a video installation I am making about the four elements. The exploration of this art form is rather new to me, so I see this project as a chance to research the boundaries of my own interest. I have also made a website that serves as a sort of portfolio. This site is presented in the fourth and last chapter.  All in all I can say that this first year of Transmedia – even though the program has lots of shortcomings – has been a good learning experience and gave me some new insights
in the way of producing art-work. I met some nice people and artists, who all gave me a certain kind of inspiration that helped me on way. I am also really satisfied with the projects I have started up and looking forward towards the realisation of them.