Ludivine Lechat

Last year, I’ve been working on a project that has opened the two following paths for me;

1. Nature as an inspiration-source.
2. Designing with a system.

Even if those paths are already known in art, Transmedia has made me more aware of these. In collaboration with Sofie I made a book about flowers, where the text gives the clues (dna) for the colors of the illustrations. We did not cross the flowers and for some people, that seemed to be a pity not having done it. Nevertheless, I’m still convinced that it was a better choice because crossing flowers would have been too obvious. It doesn’t mean though that I forgot the remark.

In fact, I have been pervaded by it and used a better concept in this year’s work. In fact, the „crossing“ was not the starting-point for the search for a new project. The keyword was „pattern“. How did I come to the word „pattern“? The flowers that I drew are all built up out of different planes or levels and lines. And looking closer to those we can actually see some patterns. From that point of view I thought that it would be interesting to draw flowers out of patterns. (flower – shape – pattern / pattern – shape – flower ) What will be the output, a pattern, a pattern-flower, or a flower-pattern? But before thinking of the output, I had to ask myself the elementary questions; what is a pattern? What does it really mean? What things are close to the concept of it?