Kumi Oguro


My personal projects in the second year of Transmedia are divided into three;
1) Color photographs with female models on location, 2) Glass plates, using the black
and white portraits made with a camera obscura (pin-hole camera) last year, 3) Slide
projection through a water-filled spinning prism.

1) I make staged photographs using female models for a couple of years now.
The content and the style of this work keep changing and developing slowly but surely
and this is why I keep working on this. This year I have been searching for a new direction where I can go deeper and explore
so that my work will be more clearly personalized and become strong.

2) This work started and developed in the following process;
A photocopy of the portrait is transferred on a piece of tissue paper, which I stick on a
glass plate. This is soaked in the water for a couple of days till it changes the color and
texture slightly.
Scanned image of the glass plate is (after a couple of experiments) still waiting to be
presented in the most effective and satisfying way. (April 2005)

3) I started by filming (with a mini-DV) a series of slide images projected on the wall
through a water-filled spinning prism, and since the moment I realized that this didn’t
have to be presented as video, this work changed into an installation with slide

Apart from those three works, together with Blanca Lista, I am working on ‘Table’ project,
proposed by Hans Op de Beeck.
My main research themes are the relation between my work and personality and also the
relation between photography and film/ video.