Kristin Rogghe

Mapping myself

Preliminary: on mapping

# All things can be infinitely mapped and remapped.

#  An infinite number of maps can be made of the same object or field.

#  In any attempt to map something, there is the risk of reduction. Making a map of a certain situation can be seen as a way to gain control over it – or at least the illusion of control – by reducing a complex reality to a limited number of labels, of keywords, of set points. Reducing otherness to sameness, ignoring the incommensurability of ‘le différend’ (Lyotard). A cluttered and layered landscape thus becomes a plain domain of graspable elements with a certain amount of fixed relationships between them. If you cannot map something, you try to posses it. If you cannot possess something, you try to map it.1 The map as an exercise of power and oppression, a tool to colonize reality, to force a living and changing world into the static logics of ‘representational
thinking’ (Heidegger), to freeze the flux of being, to domesticate it, to ‘mummify’ it (Nietzsche). This is – so I feel – also a threatening risk whenever I try to map my own practice. Maybe it could give me a reassuring feeling of safety and comfort if I would state one main direction in which I have developed during the last year, but my inspiration kept on developing itself into multiple directions and disciplines. Therefore, I hope that this dossier can provide a creative way of mapping myself rather than a reductive one.2 The dossier I present is only one of the many possible and coextensive maps of
my activities of this year and my perspectives on the future – to be endlessly continued, refined or redefined according to a ‘rhyzomatic’ principle of organization (Deleuze).