Heleen Deceuninck

What is a house, a basic, normal house? It is space to live in. A house is composed of mostly different rooms. The rooms have names like: living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, toilet, dinning room, guest room, hall, library, basement, attic and garage. For me the words room or house are boring words. When we hear those words, we associate them with a bed, a guest, a dinner, a book, food or a bath. Those things form the actual reason for the name, the function of the rooms. Those things are the centre of the room. They are the central objects.In the dinning room, the central object can be a
table. In the kitchen it can be the cooker.Next to this central object of the room, there are other objects. For example pots and pans have found a place in the kitchen cupboard. If one sees a kitchen sink, one doesn’t have to think of washing dishes, but it happens anyhow. The right place for soap is in the bathroom. It seems that all the words for the spaces in a house, have a reason for being. Every object has its name and its place. The words stand for a logical ordering. This seems important in the organisation of the house and to avoid chaos. It seems that the house is a surrounding for our objects and us. In rooms we collect all kind of objects and keep them together. I found a cardboard removal box on which all the names of the rooms in a house are mentioned. All except one: the toilet. Isn’t that strange? Are there no objects that need to be transported to that space? Or does the space not exist according to the movers? Or do they suppose everyone hides the toilet in the bathroom where it is not necessary to notice? In the list of names of rooms, there was a space left to fill in, indicated with three dots. Maybe these three points stand for the toilet. The most common rooms are named, but there are possible other spaces in the house, which can be filled in. What is the difference between an attic and a basement? There has to be more difference to them than only that the first one is on top of the house and the second at the bottom of the house, and because of the fact that in the basement things are placed to be conserved in the cold. The words do not only refer to the location. There also is a difference of looks. They have different objects between the walls. It is difficult to put into words, but to me it feels as if these two places can form a house on their own. The two places are used as places to collect things, things that used to belong in other rooms of the house. These objects have passed their time or lost their value, but still they have a place in the house, out of sight. In an attic or a cellar all these objects come together. This makes the two rooms like houses in themselves, including the beauty and value from the past. The two rooms offer security, safety, privacy and protection. They are a kind of secret locations. A toilet room can also offer the feeling to be protected by the walls, to be hidden between them. Those places seem more natural to me than the rest of the house.