Frederik De Wilde

The body:
New technology influences not just our perception but also our physical being. This observation is part of my research. How far, how much, what, where and how it is influencing us. Hopefully I get so far that it becomes more then an analysis but a more personal/critical approach of this subject.
A inspiration source could be a re-interpretation of Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht’s radio opera ‘Der Lindberghflug, Ozeanflug’ (1929).
It features Lindbergh’s first crossing of the Atlantic, his preparation, his struggle against sleep, fog, snow and thunderstorms during the flight and his arrival in Le Bourget. In this theatreplay, Brecht gives comments on the relation between people and technology. Modern technology constructs the body of the viewer anew. »There is a kind of mutation of images that occur in this landscape, in that images become part of processing systems, parts of
apparatus that »see back« at us. It involves a kind of reversal of vision, displacing our location as privileged sites in the viewing exchange. We are seen, before we see. We are identified, before we identify. There are biometric systems, and other kinds of systems, which lock onto you, identify you through your behavior patterns or biological characteristics. It is a kind of switching of positions, and this is a very important change to think about.«(3)
At the same time, ‘new’ technologies have extended human awareness outward into extra terrestrial environments.