> Špela Petric | Transmedia student

About me

Dr. Špela Petrič (1980), bsc. Biol., is a researcher/artist/performer currently studying Transmedia at Sint Lukas School of Art and Design. Until recently she was employed as an assistant at the Institute for Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana. Her creative practice takes shape at the interface of science and art. She collaborates with Kapelica Gallery and several Slovenian and international artists and is an active member of Hackteria (

Selected projects and collaborations:

BioCyberKidzz (workshop in the section Create Your World/Ars Electronica 2011), MaSm Metatransformation (collaborator, author Maja Smrekar, 2011), CTCAG recognition (performance, 2011), Futuro autopoeisis (collaborator, author Robertina Šebjanič, 2010), Cladocera (installation, 2010), Autobiography – discography (collaborator, gallery performance, author Samo Gosarič, 2008), I am, as if I’m not (collaborator, theatre performans, director Daša Lakner, 2007).