> Pepa Ivanova | Transmedia student

About me

Pepa Ivanova was born 1984 in Bulgaria, studied Porcelain and glass design in National Art Academy, Sofia. She holds a MA degree in Sculpture of KASK, Antwerpen and is currently attending the postgraduate program in arts + media + design – Transmedia at Sint Lukas University, Brussels.

Pepa is a visual artist and performer, questioning the visual abilities of our perceptions. Light, the environment and form drive her towards exploring the position of an art work in relation to the surrounding. Pepa’s works are  variable, from interactive light installations, sculptures to video and performance. Her current interest lies in interactive technologies, space  interventions, exploring new media and collaboration. Beside her individual art practice she participated in collective projects and actions, such as: ­#14 Into the Light,Antwerpen (December 2009) with a stroboscopic light installation – Sudden light boxes; at Verbeke foundation, Kemzeke (January-February 2009) with UV light/ ropes installation called Hunters of dreams Invited by Marthe Van Dessel at NADINE ,Brussels;(2009)Z33 Hasselt (2010)and Frans Masereel Centrum, Kasterlee (October 2011) she participate with actions, performances, video and designed objects of the context of each individual project.