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UT/DYSTOPIAN project TRANS PLANT ATION  Architects and urban planners challenge our future. Sustainable green cities, HEQ buildings are designed : living organisms / systems becoming part of social-economical, cultural, political, urban and technological practices…  Up to which extent  will man depend on living organisms and vice versa? Will we ever speak of total symbiosis? Will plants forever be seen as things which exist outside of our lives?

input / amuse gueules (eating action)

Amuse gueules was a live performance done on the 16th June in the courtyard and re-enacted on the 18th June for the Transmission’09 Exibition, in the metrostation Anneessens, Brussels. These photographes captured during the ‘first’ live performance, were also showed at the exibition as registration, additional to the ‘second’ live performance…

click here to see the video ( speed x 10, real duration +_ 30min )

(registration performative action 0609 / pictures captured by natasha kolesova)

input / giving birth


Asphyxias of empty spaces. Glimpsing through an evolving void – manipulated by hand movements constantly transformed into a clinic-clean non personal space. Carnal inside space evolues into virtual shared outsides like in a laboratory of forms and shadows, zooming in the thickness of the skin, following the granularity and porosity of the material.

(registration performative action 0109 / pictures captured by natasha kolesova)

Possible outcome. A man-size projection, two-screen-splitted video.

One part of the video could be a videoed or photographed corporeal activity: my hands molding invisible clay. These organic and capricious dimensions could be combined with angular and straight elements, visualized in a computer simulation (3D programming) in the other part.

Feeling like been set aside in a crisis heterotopia, a forbidden place reserved for individuals who are, in relation to society and to the human environment in which they live, in a state of crisis: adolescents, menstruating women, pregnant woman, the elderly, etc • Michel Foucault. Of Other Spaces, Heterotopias •

input / perte blanche


be an outlaw

be an outspace

be a circle

be a suburb

be in the cloud

as an out of limits

(video still / action captured by sven g)


Perte blanche is a 3’ 33’’ long video made of 3 vertical positionned frames in which the upper and lowest frames are loops.

Extra to this video, a written text. It could be seen as a small manifest, in which I explain my personal feelings coming up during the action. I also explain my reference of an essay by William J. Mitchell. The architectural principles of the Torture Chamber describes us the forgotten fact that we make our buildings, and then our buildings make us (W.Churchill). It mentionned the fact that our society replaces those in which individuals whose behavior is deviant in relation to the required mean or norm in places called by Foucault heterotopias of deviation. (…) Cases of this are rest homes and psychiatric hospitals, and of course prisons • Michel Foucault. Of Other Spaces, Heterotopias •

(registration performative action 0309 / pictures captured by natasha kolesova)

input – output / project trans plant ation (proposal)


a small bubble-space

between fruit and landscape

eating cherries before the hour

make voluntary homicide

violate the processes

tongue and mouth, you, prison



During a fixed time, feeding the body with only seeds and plants like a gardener who develop his garden. Drinking only water or herbal infusions, like a gardener watering and pulverizing his plants with manure and (natural) pesticides…

(video still captured by sven g  +  personal pictures) 

PROJECTION PHASE • The project will be designed. How the garden will look like? The garden would be, first of all, described and projected, visualised by plans, drawings, photoshoped pictures or a virtual model.

Before the action, a scope statement will be planned. The scope statement details the project deliverables and describes the major objectives. The objectives includes measurable success criteria for the project. For example, with help of a nutritionist, a vital quantity of food that should be absorbed will be calculated. A list, fixing the allowed materials (vegetables, fruits, flowers, seeds, roots) is described clearly. The processing also described (assimilation of raw and cooked products, cooking receipts) as the period of the action (Summer? Fall? Winter? Spring?) and many other aspects.

CONSTRUCTION PHASE Today, the duration of the action is unknown for me. It will be fixed in the work description contract and will depend on the evolution of the site and modifications.

During the action, the most possible detailed list will be kept of all original localities of the food consumed. If the site is approachable, I shall gather by myself the vegetables in the garden of my dad. At the local farmer or the vegetables merchant? If I cannot get my desire I shall inform about the places of cultivated areas around the country. This list gives a visual look at the multiple sites involved during the action.

At the same time I archive the plants and their origins, I would record the evolving grow of the garden by making daily photographs of my naked body. In place of photographs, a 3D model of the garden could be daily built up. If the evolution of the site construction would not be satisfying timely, annotations would be written on the photographs and modifications could be apply to the scope statement.

ARCHITECTURE  At the end of action, the photographs/virtual model, the list, and the scope statement would be exposed, as the plans, drawings or photoshopped pictures of the architectural projection.

People could then compare the projected garden with the resulting one by exposing myself next to the documents…

The banality of the growing-crop-places becomes then an universal garden. A garden to be enjoyed. The garden is the smallest parcel of the world and then it is the totality of the world. The garden has been a sort of happy, universalizing heterotopia since the beginnings of antiquity • Michel Foucault. Of Other Spaces, Heterotopias •

input / effleurage (sewing action)


a decorated facade

potted flowers

glorification of the dead skin

what is the function of the ornament?

a stripped facade

flowers caught


(stills from registation video captured by sven g + personal pictures)

Effleurage was a live performance done on the 24th April in the schoolyard

Heterotopias always presuppose a system of opening and closing that both isolates them and makes them penetrable. In general, the heterotopic site is not freely accessible like a public place. Either the entry is compulsory, as in the case of entering a barracks or a prison, or else the individual has to submit to rites and purifications. To get in one must have a certain permission and make certain gestures. Moreover, there are even heterotopias that are entirely consecrated to these activities of purification -purification that is partly religious and partly hygienic or else purification that appears to be purely hygienic • Michel Foucault. Of Other Spaces, Heterotopias •