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Mats Dekock

Mats Dekock is an Architect and Transmedia Artist currently based in Vienna, Austria

In july 2013, he finished his academic research on “the subjective embodiment of poetic spaces through memory, perception and persistence” at the Transmedia department of LUCA school of Arts at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium. In this architectural research, he shifts his focus from an designer of architectural objectivity to a suborbinate of spatial subjectivity. He reconstructs the memory palaces of subjectivity, embedded within space.

This research can be consulted through the publication

He got engaged with the notions of spatial subjectivity through his Master Thesis in Architecture, which he wrote and designed on the notion of Architectural Failure, and the implications of public amnesia on the architecture of the city. A thesis which allowed him to graduate magna cum laude, and gave him the title of the 2011 Laureate Architecture at the faculty of Architecture at the Catholic University of Leuven.

Besides this theoretical discourse, he works freelance as a junior architect, because of his particular interest on the craftmanship of architecture, both in a fablab environment as well as a construction site environment. Tactility of materials, and the site specific conditions that define the architectural topography have attracted him to engage several job opportunities at several inspiring offices.

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