> Marina Kazakova | Transmedia student


First, there was a dream.

Then two words came out: ’tishe’ and ‘piano’.

The last dot was the film.

How did it all start? Those two words were born near by Le Manoir Du Breuil in Honfleur in 2010. I had been dreaming of this trip for years and finally I  have breathed in the air of my beloved author Francoise Sagan. I carefully wrote down a slow monologue that happened under the Normandian skies. I tried to express with words what goes on within the mind of a person who faces a broken love affair, to paint a play of thought and feeling rather than to describe directly the external events  that provoked the mental activity. After having finished the book, I felt that something important was left out, something ‘unspeakable’ that cannot be expressed through words but can be expressed through the VOICE.

That is how the next step towards the movie was made. An audio-visualization of “Tishe…Piano” was recorded.  It turned out to be a self-sufficient ‘piece of grief’, an audio-performance, materialized by an Armenian actor Aram Karakhanyan. The acting, the timbre of his voice, the breath, the pauses, the soundscape – all contibuted to my idea of making the feeling of grief that was described in the novel alive.

The last dot was the film itself. It was a strange ‘backward way’ to film the feeling: from word, through audio-visualization, to the final product – a film-poem.

This long-lasting road was worth walking. It was worth keeping rewinding, returning, rehearsing, reciting, reversing, reincarnating in order to finally forget, to step forward.

Marina Kazakova, 2013