> Maarten Vanermen | Transmedia student

About me

Maarten is fascinated by the relationship between light and sound, which both consist of waves.
By means of the computer vision technique, computer processing, digital sound processing, and the appliance of contact microphones, he intends to transform varying intensities of coloured artificial light into varying sounds, in this way transforming the energy of light into auditory energy.

Within the field of light art, he is in a certain way looking for his own position. Therefore, he will approach and explore the nature of light from a rather scientific point of view, within the triangle: light-space/time-perception. This may lead to artistic and perhaps atmospheric accomplishments by means of applications of light, in which the viewer would get the statute of a participator and conscious observer, rather than the statute of a passive and dreamy recipient who would be enclosed and manipulated by light in order to control his perception.