> Liene Rubane | Transmedia student


Liene Rubane was born in Latvia (1985) and she spent her childhood in the countryside close to Livani.

She got the Bachelor of Arts degree in the Humanities, Fine Arts, Audio Visual Art (Visual Communication) at the Art Academy of Latvia (2006-2010) in Riga. In 2008 she was excepted in Erasmus student mobility at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hanover with specialization in Visual Communication. Meanwhile her studies she was working as graphic designer in Riga. In 2010 she was excepted for five months internship at Mediamatic in Amsterdam where also she got an offer to continue her job as graphic designer.
In 2010 her poster “Pressed Button” have been selected among 100 posters for an exhibition “Death is not Justice”. Exhibition took place in 50 places around the world on 10/10/2010. In the same year her work “More and Louder” have been exhibited in a group exhibition “Offset” in Riga.

Currently Liene Rubane is studying her masters at Transmedia in Sint-Lukas Brussels University College of Art and Design.

Her blog is all about her ideas and sketches during the studies at Transmedia in Brussels.