> Florence Coenraets | Transmedia student

About me

During my studies at l’Institut Supérieur d’Architecture Victor Horta, Brussels, Belgium, I discovered my sensibility through projects related to specific landscapes, places, and spaces. The different components of the landscape were analyzed, related to each other, and then translated into an architectural intervention.

My final dissertation was entitled : « Empreintes, une lecture de l’espace »  («Imprints, a reading of space» ). The exploration of the notion of imprint, mark, and trace… remains an important subject in my present research. The imprint, both presence and absence, brings together the positive and the negative. It can be repeated indefinitely, it results and it generates. The imprint is both container and contents, open and closed. The absence reveals the presence in an reading process linked to the imagination. Imprints show the different layers we inhabit, that shape us, and that we change.

Today I pursue my interests in both landscape and imprint to conceive the threshold: see and say the tension between two spaces, the contact between interior and exterior, between the visible and the hidden, the real and the imagination.

Sensitive to materials and textures, it’s through the object that I engage my artistic process. I analyze the relationships between the components (human body, object, space) and their translation or displacement in physical experiences related to the perceptual space.