Curriculum 2012-2013

Excercise in Transformation – graduation exhibition

Exercises of the man • Remco Roes

La Bella Censura • Vida Mehri

Art & Technology Day – MUS-E & Transmedia

Festival van Vlaanderen Kortrijk • Klinkende Stad

Tomorrow, maybe, i will be the same with Mark Požlep

line drawn by space/space drawn by line

Tuned City Brussels – Workshops for students – by Will Schrimshaw

exhibition equipment list

Tuned City Brussels – Opening Lecture-event by Julia Eckhardt

“my_yours_blue room” workshop by Christiane Wittig and Véronique Caye

IMPACT Session – Pierre Berthet (B) – sound installation

“DRAWING MUSIC” performance with Hallveig Agustsdottir


City of Sound by Joost Fonteyne

IMPACT Session – Claron Mc Fadden

Tuned City: INNER – OUTER – workshop by Julia Eckhardt

Touch workshop by Touch

TRANSITION-Expo, with Vida Mehri

Towards the Human Spore, by Špela Petrič

Practice in Immersive Storytelling – presentation

Practice in Immersive Storytelling by Marnix de Nijs

‘Out Of Order’ exhibition by Julien Maire – photos

Debout Poête by Joris Perdieus

‘Out Of Order’ exhibition by Julien Maire

DNA Sequencing workshop at KIBLIX 2012 by Špela Petrič

Internet of Things by Rob van Kranenburg

Marco Mancuso (DIGICULT) seminar

Sublimation: Exercice in Transformation by Julien Maire

Transcript 2012 by Sophie Vanhomwegen

DARKROOM – Hallveig Agustsdottir and …

Curriculum 2011-2012

RE:CONVERSE#1 with Joris Perdieus and Remco Roes

Art & Technology Day – MUS-E & Transmedia

Impact Sessions – Michael Vorfeld (D) – light & percussion performance

OBJETs SONOREs by Hallveig Agustsdottir

seminar & workshop by Julien Maire

Impact Sessions – Tetsu Saitoh – double bass & composer (JAP)

visit: Artefactfestival – “The social contract” – 2012

Research Dossiers by Michel van Dartel

Artist in Residence – Julien Maire

Plexiglas Objects by Christiane Wittig

visit: Sonic Acts XIV – “Travelling Time” – 2012

“VIER, die auszogen” – exhibition

mistake culture / Error – workshop by Christiane Wittig

Q-O2 project by Julia Eckhardt

Disclaimer & Performance #1 by Wouter Huis

Seminar by Régine Debatty

Rodney Place – workshop/seminar

Seminar by Joost Fonteyne

Touch seminar/workshop by Mike Harding & Benny Nilsen

Murphy’s miserable space adventures

Art is articulation- is watching- is feeling- is reflection… is it? – workshop by Christiane Wittig

Impact Sessions – Serge Verstockt (B) • ChampdAction

Rodney Place – seminar/project

Marco Mancuso (DIGICULT) seminar


Craig Thompson – CANCELLED

Rodney Place – seminar

Friedrich Would Have Loved This by Joris Perdieus

Christiane Wittig presents new works in the Gallery Borssenanger

IN DIALOGUE Barbara Lettany & Massimo Polello

Impact Sessions – DJ Ripley

Curriculum 2010-2011

TRANS GRAD EXHIB – graduation exhibition

Group Exhibition KAS, Berlin, with Christiane Wittig

Sint-Lukas Brussels University College of Art & Design

Impact Sessions – Jaap Blonk (stem) & Jan Pillaert (tuba)

Signs & Sense: Lizá Ramalho and Artur Rebelo – a lecture in the Shapeshifters series of lectures

Seminar & concert by Hallveig Agustsdottir & Frederik Croene

Artist Talk by Anne Wellmer

Signs & Sense: Andreas Uebele and Peter Crnokrak – a lecture in the Shapeshifters series

Microkosmos – Nathalie Hunter

gRauwVuur – soundscape by Filip Daniëls

Seminar by Joost Fonteyne

Impact Sessions – Geraldo Si, Peter Jacquemyn, Klaas Verpoest

Some Space Left @ Garage L’Olivier

“RESONATE – PG composer concert” by Hallveig Agustsdottir

From utopian movements to postglobal aesthetics. Presentation by Lucrezia Cippitelli

Signs & Sense: Karsten Schmidt and Petr Blokland – a lecture in the Shapeshifters series of lectures. March 02, 2011

“LENSCLOUD (2011)” exhibitions by Joris Perdieus

Impact Sessions – Ward Weis

Research Studies – by Sofie Van Loo

Video Art is dead, punk is dead by Robrecht Vanderbeeken

Lecture & discussion by Malcolm LeGrice at Transmediale

Transmediale Berlin

“Mistake Culture” / The mapping of an interactive system of error and human being – causes and their effects – by Christiane Wittig

BJNilsen & Touch live

THE ART OF LISTENING research project

Impact Sessions Arne Deforce & Sigrid Tanghe

CITY OF SOUND research project

Christiane Wittig seminar / workshop

Marnix De Nijs visiting artist

CITY OF SOUND/Joost Fonteyne seminar

Malcolm Le Grice seminar

DIGICULT/Marco Mancuso seminar

Rodney Place seminar