Murphy’s miserable space adventures

Murphy’s miserable space adventures THE BOOK Charlotte Dumortier graduated recently at the Sint Lukas Hogeschool in Brussels. Her master thesis was “Murphy’s miserable space adventures”, a cartoon that takes place in infinite space, and stars the non-hero Murphy, who has […]

Some Space Left @ Garage L’Olivier

Some Space Left @ Garage L’Olivier Tuesday 08 March · 18:00 – 22:00 an exhibition with works by: Marc Buchy Martina Smreková Remco Roes Liene Rubane Sammy Ben Yakoub Maarten Vanermen Wouter Huis Gijs Milius Stefan Piat Florence Coenraets Amandine […]

DISPLAY A Transmedia Anthology

Presents: Sofia Bustorff Laura Colmenares Guerra (with: Todor Todoroff & Yacine Sebti) Marie-Laure Delaby Barbara Lettany Maarten Van Luchene Joris Perdieus WHEN Vernisage: Wednesday 21th April 6pm – 9pm Exhibition: from Wednesday 21th April till Friday 30th April visiting hours: […]

SIFRES an exhibition by:

Simon Kentgens Thomas Bakker Wineke Gartz Wouter Huis Laurent Malherbe WHEN Opening on Sunday 28/03/2010 – 15:00 Exhibition from Sunday 28/03/2010 till Sunday 18/04/2010 visiting hours Friday – Sunday / 14:00 – 18:00 WHERE Greylight Projects – Burgemeester Kessenplein, […]