Tuned City Brussels – Opening Lecture-event by Julia Eckhardt

Lamberto Tronchin (physicist and acoustician) (I), Ariane Wilson (architecture- and art historian) (D), Luc Deleu (architect) (B), Carsten Stabenow (Tuned City) (D) + performance: NN


“Obviously we need to be able to rest from sound just as we do from visual stimulation, we need aural as well as visual privacy, but silencing our public environment is the acoustic equivalent of painting it black. Certainly just as our eyes are for seeing, our ears are for hearing.” 
Max Neuhaus “Sound Design” In Zeitgleich: the Symposium, the Seminar, the Exhibition. Vienna: Triton, 1994.
“Just as noise is what we make of certain sounds. the meanings we assign to noise are no less consequential than the meanings we assign to other sounds. Noise may be unwanted or incomprehensible sound; it is never insignificant sound. 
Hillel Schwartz in “Making Noise”, Zone Books 2012

Urban environments and architecture are traditionally described in visual terms, but it is our sense of hearing that assists us in experiencing and navigating through the spaces we inhabit. Likewise, there is no space without sound and no sound without space. Sound is an essential part of social experience, and should be of the utmost concern to architects, planners and artists alike.
Tuned City is a project researching this relation between sound and space. The first edition was in Berlin in 2008 and passed afterwards through Tallinn and Nürnberg. In 2013 Tuned City is invited to Brussels by Q-O2 workspace. Tuned City presents artistic work and theoretical approaches derived from critical preoccupations with sound in the context of urban and architectonic situations with particular emphasis on original approaches to the role of ‘sound’ and ‘listening’. In this project, exploration and research are equally important as the artistic outcomes. In other words there will be a strong interaction between aspects.
Brussels proves to be a very dense and diverse multi-layered urban environment. The city is characterised by many sudden breaks and cuts of city fabric, architecture and social settings resulting in a vibrant tension. Very often those contrasts seem to create a third instance within their thresholds – a very particular kind of resonance. What tools do we have to explore, probe, decode, transcript and describe such an audible environment beyond the obvious?
These observations have derived three thematic complexes which will be deepened in the theoretical as well as the artistic part of the closing festival: ‘Noise and Multiplicity’, ‘Architecture as a Media of Listening’ and ‘Ephemeral Atmospheres’.

Tuned City Brussels is starting in collaboration with Sint Lucas Architectuur, Erasmus Hogeschool RITS/Radio, Sint Lukas Transmedia, a.pass and La Cambre (ENSAV) option Espace Urbain, with a series of lecture-events, artistic presentations, mini-residencies, university projects and workshops over the first half year. Those will be followed by an international four day festival from June 27th-30th mixing a conference with artistic  realisations such as concerts, walks, installations and other interventions.

Tuned City Brussels is co-organised by Q-O2, workspace for experimental music and sound art and will be realised with the support of Goethe Institut Brussels, the Flemish Minister for Brussels Affairs and Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie, and in collaboration with Beursschouwburg, Kaaitheater, WIELS, Citizenne, STUK, l’Escaut and the above mentioned art schools.


Tuesday 12/02/2013 – 19h00

WIELS, Centre d’Art Contemporain
Avenue Van Volxem 354
1190 Brussels




Tuned City Brussels events

Opening Lecture-event – 12/02/2013 – 19:00 – WIELS (Brussels)
Lamberto Tronchin (physicist and acoustician) (I), Ariane Wilson (architecture- and art historian) (D), Luc Deleu (architect) (B), Carsten Stabenow (Tuned City) (D) + performance: NN

‘A city shaped’ – 20/02/2013 – 19:00/20:30 – Artefact Festival (STUK, Leuven) – satellite event
walks & lectures by Peter Cusack (UK), Felicity Ford (UK), Pascal Amphoux/CRESSON (FR)

‘Sonic Gardening’ – 25/02 > 01/03/2013 – a.pass & Q-O2 (Brussels)
workshop led by Davide Tidoni (reservation required)
lectures by Raviv Ganchrow (NL) and Paul Devens (NL) (28/02/2013 – 10:00 – Q-O2)

Lecture-event: artist’s positions – 22/03/2013 – 14:00 – La Cambre (Brussels)
Nikolaus Gansterer (AT), Sarah van Sonsbeeck (NL), Ligna (D), Christina Kubisch (D), Felicity Ford (UK), Roberta Gigante (B), Christoph Fink (B), Udo Noll (D), Will Shrimshaw (UK)


Workshops for students – 25/03 > 29/03/2013

‘Radio atmospheres’ – RITS
Felicity Ford/Valeria Merlini (UK+IT/D)
Udo Noll (D)

‘Interpretation models’ – Sint Lucas Architectuur
Nikolaus Gansterer (AT)
Will Shrimshaw (UK)

‘Resonant City’ – Q-O2
Christina Kubisch (D)
Sarah van Sonsbeeck (NL)

Match Box – 23/04/2013 – students of the different Brussels art schools
(Sint Lucas Architectuur, Transmedia, RITS/Radio, La Cambre/Espace Urbain) present their work

Students exchange – 13 > 18/05/2013
Brussels students (Sint Lucas Architectuur, Transmedia, RITS/Radio, La Cambre/Espace Urbain) meet students of Sonology Den Haag (NL) and Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig (D)

Tuned City Brussels Warm-Up workshops – 22 > 26/06/2013

Tuned City Brussels Festival – 27 > 30/06/2013
conferences, concerts, walks, interventions, installations – various locations in the city