Tomorrow, maybe, i will be the same with Mark Požlep

Nicola Genovese, Mark Požlep
Curated by Daniele Capra

A + A is pleased to host “Tomorrow, Maybe, I Will Be The Same”, show that analyzes the theme of the loss and research of individual identity through the works of Nicola Genovese and Mark Požlep.
What are our roots? Where do we come from? Where are we going? And who are we? These are the questions made by the two artists about our time of post-postmodernity condition, that is characterized by a spray of reality and a continuous and unconscious syncretism.
In a state of disorientation of the individual – torn by irreconcilable requests – we can see palliative and unnatural solutions that are not efficient. Personal actions and gestures, from the most trivial to the most heroic become simple screen to hide behind. Every clod of earth or any custom imported from far away can become the desired heimat; any island can become sort of easy Ithaca for our day Odysseus who forgot their home address.
The works of the exhibition Tomorrow, Maybe, I Will Be The Same – encouraged by a sharp critical analysis of the condition of our times, of ideological, symbolic and aesthetic nonsense – show us the uselessness of the boundaries set by the individual, and the many lies told by the idea of identity. Which is paradoxically a fetish concept to show off.

Nicola Genovese (Venezia 1971) begins from autobiographical aspects to analyze identity and myth themes. His works may evoke at the same time familiar and destabilizing images, through rapid unconscious associations, often evoking shapes and mysterious meanings.
He was selected for several residencies, including Salzamt in Linz (A) and Rave in Udine (IT) with Adrian Paci. Among the group exhibitions: Liberty Control at Duende in Rotterdam (NL), Spectator is a worker at the Tina B in Prague (CZ). Among the solo shows: BB15 in Linz, Interno 4 in Bologna (IT) and MARS in Milan (IT).
He lives and works in Padua (IT).

Mark Požlep (1981) develops his research from the analysis of society and the demands of the individual, with particular attention to the construction of new identities and microcosms to oppose the status quo of the contemporary world.
He received several awards, as Essl Award for Central and East Europe, the Liberal Academy Slovenia – Golden bird for visual art, and the Academy Prešeren Award. He was part of residences at Flaxart Studios in Belfast (UK), Cité Internationale Universitaire, Paris (F), in New York with Ministry of Culture of Republic of Slovenia, Artist in Residence program. He exhibited at Moderna Galerija in Ljubljana (SLO), at White Canvas Gallery in Nanjing (CN), altMuseum of Contemporary Art in Rijeka (HR).
He lives and works in Ljubljana, Celje and Brussels.

opening Thursday, April 11, 6 pm
from April 11 to May 5, 2013
Tuesday to Saturday, 11 am – 2 pm, 3 pm – 6 pm

San Marco 3073, Venice

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