La Bella Censura • Vida Mehri

Solo exhibition in Centro Cultural Estacion Mapocho in Santiago de Chile.

Vida Mehri was born in Tehran, Iran in 1984. She studied Architecture in Azad Art and Architecture university of Tehran. After her graduation, she decided to continue her studies in art field. She also wanted to experience living in another context than her home country. In 2009, she left for Sweden. She got her Master in fine arts from Umea academy of fine arts, Umea, Sweden.

From the beginning of her artistic studies, she had a coherent concept based on her political and artistic obsessions. Almost every day, she used her camera to take photos of her laptop screen while she was surfing the internet for political news from Iran and also while she was talking on Skype with her family and friends. She started using this photo achieves to create her art works in different versions. Her main concept is based on ideas such as censorship, self-censorship, filters, dual identities, immigration and finally the effects of living in a dictatorship country on citizens` personalities.

Her artworks are directly connected to her personal life. However, in between the words, she is always criticizing the general situation in such societies.

She works with different mediums such as drawings, installation, mixed media and videos.  Recently she is focusing on documentary and narrative videos.

Vida Mehri is currently living and working in Brussels, Belgium. She is studying her post master in Transmedia in Sint-Lukas University.

Opening: 3 May 2013
4 May till 16 June 2013 –11:00 till 18:00

Centro Cultural Estacion Mapocho
Santiago de Chile

Centro Cultural Estacion Mapocho: