IMPACT Session – Pierre Berthet (B) – sound installation

Studied percussion with André Van Belle and Georges-Elie Octors. Improvisation with Garrett List. Composition with Frederic Rzewski. Music theory with Henri Pousseur.

Designs and builds sound objects and installations (steel, plastic, water, magnetic fields,…). Presents them in exhibitions and solo or duo performances with Brigida Romano (C.D. “Continuum asorbus” on the label Sub Rosa) or Frédéric Le Junter (C.D. “Berthet Le Junter” on the label Vandœuvres).

Collaborated with “13th tribe” (C.D. “Ping pong anthropology”). Played percussion in Arnold Dreyblatt’s “Orchestra of excited strings” (C.D. “Animal magnetism”, label Tzadik ; C.D. “The sound of one string”, label Table of the elements).


Wednesday 20 Februari 2013 – lecture at 20h / performance at 21h

RECYCLART asbl/vzw
Station Brussel-Kapellekerk
Ursulinenstraat 25
1000 Brussels

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