Q-O2 project by Julia Eckhardt

Q-O2 is a structurally subsidized workspace for experimental contemporary music and sound art since 2006 and has its own space in the Brussels canal zone. The workspace developed out of the contemporary music ensemble Q-O2.
In practice, Q-O2 operates at three levels: it offers working residencies to artists; carries out projects in collaboration with national and international arts organizations; and holds performances and concerts in its own space.
In musical terms Q-O2 explores mainly three lines of approach: acoustic and electronic improvisation and composed music as well as installations and sound art. Through its conceptual preoccupations Q-O2 finds easily points of access to other disciplines.


Julia Eckhardt, born in Berlin, is altviolinist in the field of composed and improvised contemporary music. After her studies viola in Rotterdam and Brussels, she worked with several chamber music ensembles and was a member of the National Orchestra of Belgium. Since 1996 she is artistic responsible for Q-O2, first ensemble for contemporary experimental and improvised music and since 2006 workspace for music and soundart. Since 2001, Eckhardt is a member of Incidental Music (with Manfred Werder and Normisa Pereiera da Silva), an international ensemble for conceptual music. She lives and works in Brussels. www.q-o2.be



Monday 13/02/2012 — 14h00 till 17h00


Sint-Lukas Brussels University College of Art & Design
Transmedia – Paleizenstraat 70 – 1030 Brussels – Belgium


Q-O2: www.q-o2.be
Julia Eckhardt: www.creativesourcesrec.com/artists/j_eckhardt.html