Impact Sessions – Tetsu Saitoh – double bass & composer (JAP)

“Radical and surprising things have been attempted in music. Various techniques have been presented that make use of accidents, create chaos, or develop new kinds of feeling through technology. Many methods for transcending the self have been tried. When I played music with Kim Suk Chul, a Korean shaman who plays traditional Korean instruments, I discovered another method—relaxation.

Normally, a jazz musician can play improvisationally for thirty minutes at most. His playing time is determined by his stamina. As the performance continues, it takes a toll on him physically. He plays music to express himself, and the performance doesn’t exist if he doesn’t play.

In contrast, the performance of Kim Suk Chul and his group lasted for many hours, and they seemed to be in better and better physical condition. When I participated in their performance, I felt happy and satisfied just being there, even when I wasn’t playing an instrument. I realized that in his performance he easily went beyond self-expression.

Tetsu Saitoh has been involving himself with dance, Butoh, theatre, fine arts, poetry, calligraphy, Japanese traditional music, court music, Noh theatre, classical and contemporary music, tango especially Astor Piazzolla’s music, jazz, improvised music, Korean and Asian shamanism.


Wednesday 14 March 2012 – performance at 21h

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Station Brussel-Kapellekerk
Ursulinenstraat 25
1000 Brussels

Tetsu Saitoh: