Video Art is dead, punk is dead by Robrecht Vanderbeeken

Video art, as a technological medium, is dead for some decades now. But what we call ‘video art’ is very alive in a multitude of mutating audiovisual media. In a similar vein, punk became pop, rock, post rock and what have you. The seminar focuses on the different aspects of socalled ‘video art’. We start with an analysis of the role of the spectator and question what it means to ‘interpret’ a work of video art. Next, an introduction to the history of video art is given. Focal point of this review is to reconstruct the implications of video art in its initial historical context, compared with what it stands for today. Concerning contemporary video art, a preview is given based on a discussion and illustration of general themes (e.g. remediation, immersion, documentary performance, appropriation, re-enactment) and crossovers with other media like e.g. television, photography, performance, cinema or media art.

Tuesday 08/02/2010 – 10h00 till 17h00
Wednesday 09/02/2010 –
10h00 till 17h00
Thursday 10/02/2010 – 10h00 till 17h00

Haachtsesteenweg 138 – 1030 Brussels