THE ART OF LISTENING research project

by Jon Wozencroft/Mike Harding/BJNilsen (TOUCH)

About Touch
Since its first release in 1982, Touch has created sonic and visual productions that combine innovation with a level of care and attention that has made it the most enduring of any independent music company of its time.

Jon Wozencroft
Jon Wozencroft is a graphic designer, author and instructor. Wozencroft founded Touch, an independent mulitmedia publishing company. Between 1982 and 1986 Touch released around 15 products, concentrating on producing interactive, audiovisual magazines.
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Mike Harding
Mike Harding oversees Touch Music, the publishing part of Touch which deals with the marketing and exploitation of the Touch Music catalogue, which includes works by Christian Fennesz, Chris Watson, Philip Jeck, BJNilsen, Oren Ambarchi and many others. He has been running Touch with Jon Wozencroft since 1982.
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Sound and Recording artist. BJNilsen lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden, Born in 1975. He has been active with experimental music since the early 90´s with various constellations. For the past 5 years he has been releasing records as Hazard on the UK labels Ash International and Touch, making music and sound for documentary film, television and commercials. He is focused on the sound of nature and its effect on humans, field recordings and the perception of time and space as experienced through sound, often electronically treated.
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  1. Monday 17th January
    • AM: General introduction by Mike Harding: “The Art of Listening”
    • PM: Introduction to the work of BJNilsen
  2. Tuesday 18th January
    • AM: “As I wander round…” Talk by Mike Harding & BJNilsen. Practical knowledge and usage of recordings
    • PM: Lecture by Jon Wozencroft
  3. Wednesday 19th January
    • Recording day. All attend Mike Harding & BJNilsen in the field
  4. Thursday 20th January
    • Editing day. This may be done at home, but Mike Harding & BJNilsen will be available at a central point for advice
  5. Friday 21h January
    • Playback & summary day. Each plays back and discusses their recording and editing methods. Observations and comments from Mike Harding & BJNilsen

Haachtsesteenweg 138 – 1030 Brussels

The seminar is part of the research project City of Sounds by Joost Fonteyne/Boris Debackere/Steven Devleminck.