Murphy’s miserable space adventures

Murphy’s miserable space adventures


Charlotte Dumortier graduated recently at the Sint Lukas Hogeschool in Brussels. Her master thesis was “Murphy’s miserable space adventures”, a cartoon that takes place in infinite space, and stars the non-hero Murphy, who has to submit to the laws of the cosmos. The cartoon is without text because more often than not, Murphy is on a solitary mission and space, being devoid of air, is completely soundless. The repetitive and simple story line allows Charlotte to experiment at will with color, framing and page layout.

Charlotte Dumortier, Murphy’s miserable space adventures, published by Oogachtend.


At the exposition of the cultural center De Warande, Murphy’s two-dimensional paper universe is implemented spatially. Not through predictable interactive gimmicks, but in a visually surprising way that puts the existing dimensions of space and time in perspective.

10 and 11 december, open from 10:00 until 18:00

A project by Johan Stuyck, coordinator of the Cartoon department of Sint Lukas Brussels, and Steven Devleminck, head of Transmedia Sint Lukas Brussels.

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