Art is articulation- is watching- is feeling- is reflection… is it? – workshop by Christiane Wittig

Art is articulation- is watching- is feeling- is reflection… is it?

FIRST PART/ Workshop

How are you developing your consciousness? What kind of process is behind all that creative feeling, watching and reflection? How do all these senses interact between each other?
Consciousness means: Why am I doing what I am doing and why am I doing how I am doing it… What is creativity?
We will try to elaborate the relevant process behind our creative thinking, acting and feeling through discussions and presentations.

The objective is to develop the already existing potential in each of us and also to discover new sources of creativity.

  • Each student is requested to present a concise and short paper, which should indicate the causality between thoughts, observations, emotions and its works.
  • This paper should also entail a selective choice of the most preferred works (film, painting, sculpture, literature ect.), which served and serves as a source of inspiration for each student.
  • We will discussed and work on this paper/ “ map of your own creativity” together.
  • Please be prepared for a presentation about a significant person (Film, painting, sculpture…) in your life who has influenced or stimulated your thinking and attitudes about your work! 10 to 20 minutes presentation how you are prefer.

This project week should be a kind of assistance to increase your awareness regarding your creativity. Therefore, it is necessary that you actively participate in this seminar by interacting with each other, but also very by formulating the reflections, actions and emotions taking part in yourself.
Questions for you: Where do the ideas for your work generally come from? How do you go about developing an idea/project? Can you describe your working methods?

SECOND PART / workshop

– The Manifest of Creativity
You will create your own “Manifest of your Creativity”!
Each of you should define a manifest of creativity, which reflects your own ideas…principles about the basis of you work.

Be focused on the content and not the distractions. This will be our creative “product”: video, sound, text, painting, installation, photography you choose your medium.

Tuesday 6/12/2011 – 10h00 till 17h00
Wednesday 7/12/2011 – 10h00 till 17h00
Thursday 8/12/2011 – 10h00 till 17h00

Sint-Lukas Brussels University College of Art & Design
Transmedia – Paleizenstraat 70 – 1030 Brussels – Belgium