Workshop by Jeremiah Day

Workshop by Jeremiah Day

This intensive workshop will be structured around an engagement with Brussels as a site – going to specific places, research into particular urbanistic and historical questions. And, at the same time, we will discuss the question of “content,” ways such research develops into artworks and different strategies for art’s engagement in worldly affairs. These two lines of thought should then be explored in a proposal for a site-specific work to be presented in the exhibition in June.

The painter Barnett Newman stated that even though his work was abstract, and so had no “content,” it definitely had a subject. We will consider Newman as an example of artistic engagement that is not at all explicit. On the other had we will consider artists like Allan Sekula and Renee Green who work with explicit subject matter, and the Begian painter Luc Tuymans who falls somewhere in the middle.

Brussels is now the evolving capitol of the EU – a site with geo-political significance. It is also the site of the school and so the local daily background of artistic practice. We will make a series of journeys into the city, engaging with sites and using them as examples with which to ask broader questions.

All participants are asked to select one site to visit in advance of the workshop. The idea is to consider the way that ideas and realities come together in places, and then use the places as object for discussion.

How has the European Union affected the neighborhoods of the city? We could visit different European Union sites, or residential areas.
How does the arrival of the international artworld impact on the local situation (for example, what was in 12 rue de Gran Cerf before the arrivial of Barbara Gladstone’s gallery?)
Brusselization is a widely used term to describe “anarchic commercial property development in a historic city” (wikipedia) – how does this urbanistic concept affect our daily experience of the city?

In addition, workshop participants should in advance of the workshop read and be prepared to discuss the attached interview with Barnett Newman, and take a look at pictures of his work in the library. If there is time please also look at Allan Sekula’s book Fish Story and Renee Green’s project Partially Buried as documented in her Ongoing Becomings – Retrospective 1989-2009, and Luc Tuymans Mwana Kitoko. The purpose behind looking at these historical examples is to then have more basis to consider how we might ourselves work with/from our experiments with site.


TUESDAY 11th MAY 2010 – 11am till …
11AM – introductory meeting and presentation, discussion of Newman, Sekula, Green, Tuymans.
Afternoon – site visits.

WEDNESDAY 12th MAY 2010 – 10am till …
10AM presentation on Robert Smithson’s Site / Nonsite
Afternoon and evening– site visits

THURSDAY 13th MAY 2010 EVENT – 11am till …
=> UPDATE => NO workshop, school will be closed!?

11AM final site visit and lunch – wrap up of workshop and brief individual meetings.
NOTE: some sites might be best explored after business hours or at night – please set aside Wednesday night for possible workshop activities.