DIGICULT/Marco Mancuso seminar

New Media Art, Design & Culture: the Digicult critical overview

Digicult from 2005 has being an online/offline Italian/International cultural and editorial platform which focuses on the impact of new technologies and modern sciences on art, design, culture and contemporary society. Digicult was founded and is directed by Marco Mancuso, and is now based on the active participation of 50 professional people, who represent a wide Network of journalists, curators, artists, theorists, practioneers and critics. Digicult leads the  art-agency Digimade and is the editor of the monthly magazine Digimag, which focuses on some cultural, productive and artistic issues like: networking, hacktivism, video art, sound art, audiovideo, design, art+science, new media, software art and performing art with a critic and journalistic approach.

Starting for the daily experience directing Digicult & Digimag, Marco Mancuso has been developing in these years a wide and critic overview on the creative and productive field of contemporary international New Media Art, Design and Culture. Monitoring the most successfull, experimental and cross disciplinary experiences of the most important and known artists, festivals, platforms, media centers, galleries and events worldwide, Digicult has been presenting the idea of a Seminar that give the partecipants a critical and historical overview of the most interesting artistic e productive realities in the field of digital art & design, connecting them to the development of digital technologies, softwares, hardwares, trends, aesthetics and styles in the last years.

Mirroring the multifaced, interdisciplinary, fast developing and cross mediated world of contemporary digital art & design, the Seminar is thought as a meta-journey between some of the most vital and experimental art and producting disciplines using digital technologies, hardwares, softwares and applied sciences.

After a first day in which this creative world is evalueted for the main subecjets that constitute it (methods, technologies, cultural and professional areas of interest, trends, markets and professional roles), the second and the third day are deeply focused on the presentation of artists and designers working in the fields of: “AudioVideo” and the link between sound, light and image; “Interaction” and the link between design, software, performance and space; “Art & Science” and the link between technology, hybrid design and applied science; “Networking” and the link between open source culture and online platforms for art and design.

Marco Mancuso Bio
Marco Mancuso is new media art critic, curator, journalist and teacher, expert of the impact of digital, interactive, software and open source technologies on art, design, culture and contemporary society.

Founder and Director at Digicult project and Digimag magazine, Marco Mancuso focuses his researches on the connection between sound, light, image & space, with an historical/theoretical point of view, among a cross-disciplinary territory crossing art, cinema, music, design, architecture & science.

As Digicult director, Marco Mancuso has been also expertising and skilling in the last years on networking strategies, online marketing & comunication developments and web 2.0 editing & journalistic activities.

With the art-agency Digimade he is working for international art festivals, galleries, cultural and media centers as guest curator and media partner, organizing exhibitions and cross media events, workshops, meetings and screenings and promoting, among others, Italian live media & live cinema artists.

His interviews and critical texts can be read on Digimag archive, while his essays were published in festival and exhibition catalogues and written for lectures and presentations he joined internationally.

Marco Mancuso teaches “Multimedia Art Languages” at NABA (New Academy of Fine Arts) in Milan and “New Media Art” and “Audiovisual Design” at IED (European Institute of Design) in Milan and is invited as guest lecturer to seminars and workshops at many Italian and international Universities.

Tuesday 23/11/2010 – 10h00 till 17h00
Wednesday 24/11/2010 – 10h00 till 17h00
Thursday 25/11/2010 – 10h00 till 17h00

Lection 1 – 23/11/2010 - Morning (10.00-13.00):

  • Introduction and presentation to the Seminar
  • Digicult project description and analysys
  • Referential online platforms, blogs and websites

Lection 1 – 23/11/2010 - Afternoon (14.00-17.00):

  • New Media Art: inter-disciplines, methodologies, technologies, cultural and professional areas of interest, trends
  • The market of New Media Art: festivals, galleries, media centers, prizes, events
  • The artist/designer figure and the critic/curator function

Lection 2 – 24/11/2010 - Morning (10.00-13.00):

  • Audiovideo: sound-image connection within an historical-critical view among disciplines and artists
  • Video footage review

Lection 2 – 24/11/2010 - Afternoon (14.00-17.00):

  • Interaction: the man-machine interaction among design, software, performance and space
  • Video footage review

Lection 3 – 25/11/2010 - Morning (10.00-13.00):

  • Art & Science: boundary territories among art, design, technology and applied sciences
  • Video footage review

Lection 3 – 25/11/2010 - Afternoon (14.00-17.00):

  • Networking: the open source culture and the new frontiers of art and design through the Net
  • Video footage review

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