26/11/08 Magenta Room by Frans Evers

ongoing project

Magenta Room in construction Magenta Room in construction

The aim of the research project is to study advanced examples of mediated architecture and to develop new concepts and models for future integrations of virtual and physical reality in order to enhance our sense of presence.The Magenta Room project will start by studying the original Sound and Light Environments as they have been developed by La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela. The aim is to come up with new proposals to transform the glass corridor on the first floor into a ‘sound and light environment’ with the means of today.

Students who want to participate in this project have to be aware that they will be part of a team. Individual work may indirectly profit from this participation, but the main objective of the project is to offer students the opportunity to excercise collaborative culture in the faculty’s research program by contributing to the study of a theme becoming relevant in the coming years.