> Barbara Lettany | Ex-Transmedia student


As a photographer, I seek my inspiration from music.  Defined in space, music can be seen as a dialogue between movement and stillness. Music creates a dialogue with its surroundings and draws its own boundaries on the surfaces within that space.

Music consists of sound waves, whereas photography bundles and steers light waves. They each move through time and space apiece with their own frequencies.  This wavy movement reminds me of life’s motion and the world as an accumulation of movements and processes.  This process is adapted in my photographs, where movement transforms time and space into fluent lines of color.

The pictures reflect the relationship between movement and time, as well as, between movement and space. The images invoke the course of a moment, but at the same time they try to freeze time. The picture is a presence of the absence and the movement of capturing; captured in an image. Through movement, space and objects become elusive and nothing is what it seems.  The encased still motion gives the beholder some space on the level of perception and imagination.