> Alexandra Boussiou | Transmedia student

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I grew up in the eighties. In Athens it was the golden age of  “Video Clubs” (aka VHS rentals). Being an only child with working parents, I was brought up mainly by the VHS player. George, my father, hadn’t heard of parental guidance in film education, so I was lucky enough to have discovered a wide range of melodramas, slapstick comedies, spaghetti westerns, teenage  comedies,  modern dramas,  thrillers  –  this range actually goes from Steel Magnolias to Less Than Zero, and from the works of Louis de Funnes to The Shining – by the age of 12. My father was also very keen on improving my eyesight. For that I was asked to count the trees that I could see on the mountain 2 klm away from our terrace. It worked. 

Since then taking pictures and playing by trying to capture colors and shapes, what is hidden inside a picture, what are different ways of interpreting the existing world, has been very prominent in my life. (

I have studied classical piano, opera performance (as a mezzo-soprano) and still photography and I have a film production company through which I am working with visionary writers and directors in films I am very proud of. (

What I also enjoy very much is inventing characters, in writing, filming but also being. This is implemented in my recent film works as well as in the music projects I work on  (, and in my everyday life in a way; or better: …in all of my everyday lives.

(photo by  Krysztoff Dorion)